Peace With Justice Committee (2001)

 Conference Petition AC-5, "We Will Not Be Silent" Resources

This page is provided for reference; the Conference action on the item has been completed.

This action of the 2001 Annual Conference reads: “We commend the Declaration from the Western Jurisdiction to all congregations of the Rocky Mountain Conference for prayerful reflection and thoughtful dialogue, led by the appointive clergy and lay leaders during 2001-2002. A copy will be mailed to each congregation. Following the discussion, a report confirming the dialogue must be submitted to the Committee on Peace with Justice."

The Peace with Justice Committee developed a packet of resource material to facilitate the reflection and dialogue mandated by the revised version of Petition AC-5. The packets were sent to each church in September, 2001.

These are electronic copies of the contents of that mailing, in MS Word and Rich Text Formats.

  1. Letter from Bishop Brown (DOC / RTF)
  2. "We Will Not Be Silent" Declaration (DOC / RTF)
  3. Response Form (DOC / RTF)
  4. Materials included in mailing (DOC / RTF)
  5. Resources (DOC / RTF)
  6. Sample Single Meeting Agenda Model (DOC / RTF)
  7. Model Agenda for a Study (DOC / RTF)
  8. Ideas for This Dialogue (DOC / RTF)
  9. Guidelines for a Safe Discussion (DOC / RTF)
  10. Covenant of Understanding (DOC / RTF)
  11. Some Relevant Paragraphs from the Book of Discipline (DOC / RTF)
  12. The Church Studies Homosexuality Leader's Guide (first 7 pages -- permission granted for copying but not for web publication) (order here)
  13. Homosexuality and the Bible Study Paper (DOC / RTF)


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