Check out more videos of Rocky mountain Conference on Vimeo.

Shared futures video

Learn more about the recommendation for merger between the Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone Conferences (Vimeo link)

McClave UMC marks 100th anniversary

Pastor Robin Riley produces a tribute video to celebrate McClave UMC's 100th anniversary (YouTube link)

2016 HealthFlex Options

Lynette Rice explains the 2016 HealthFlex Plan Options at a workshop Sept. 17 (Vimeo link)

2015 Rocky Mountain Annual Conference

Bishop Elaine Stanovsky's Episcopal Address (Vimeo link)

Memorial Worship and Holy Communion (Vimeo link)

Rev. Rebecca Parker's Bible Study and Theology Reflections on June 12 (Vimeo link) and June 13 (Vimeo link)

Shared Futures Committee presentation (Vimeo link)

Young People's Panel (Vimeo link)

Passing of the Mantle and Telling the Story (Vimeo link)

Ordination and Commissioning Service (Vimeo link)

Music clips:

  • "Holy Now" sung by the Rev. David Merkel (Vimeo link)
  • Final plenary sing-a-long led by the Rev. Skip Strickland (Vimeo link)

Sand Creek Massacre 150th commemoration

9News segment on RMC Pilgrimage and interview with Bishop Elaine Stanovsky (9News link)

Pilgrimage to Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site (Full video: YouTube link) (Clip: YouTube link)

Rocky Mountain Annual Conference Session Special Speakers:

  • Dr. Henrietta Mann, Dr. Gary L. Roberts, and Dr. Alberto Hernandez (Vimeo link)
  • Healing Relationships Community Dinner (Vimeo link)

Methodism By Dummies

RMC Requests Your Help! (YouTube link)

Connectionalism in The United Methodist Church (YouTube link)

RMC In The World

After Hours Denver Receives 7Everyday Hero Award (7News article and video)

Young Pastor's Fresh Ideas (YouTube link) (UMTV article)

Professional Comic Turned Preacher (YouTube link) (UMTV article)

Church Rethinks School Lunches (YouTube link) (UMTV article)

Bar Church Serves All (YouTube link)

Chuck Knows Church

Chuck Knows Church is a fun and informative weekly series about the stuff in church!

Ever wonder about the meaning behind some of the objects, symbols, terms and rituals in church? Well, let Chuck explain them to you each week. From the Chuck Knows Church website, you can download the videos, watch them on YouTube, visit the Facebook page, and more. Visit Chuck Knows Church!

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