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Mission u is a COOPERATIVE event in the Rocky Mountain Conference
Sponsored by the United Methodist Women and the Church

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1. SOCIAL ISSUE STUDY: The Church and People with Disabilities:

Through this study we will increase our awareness of the issues around disability and be spurred to advocacy to help churches become more welcoming and accessible to those with disabilities. Practical measures will give hands-on experience completing an accessibility audit and engaging in multi-sensory worship and education.

2. SPIRITUAL STUDY: happiness

The early Methodist tradition used the language of happiness often. John Wesley preached about happiness almost as often as he preached about holiness. Indeed, for him, happiness and holiness were together the goal of Christian life. He had much to say about what genuine happiness ought to be, and when it was understood properly, happiness and salvation belonged together. Our spiritual study will examine the understanding of happiness and how to live the life that God calls us to live.

3. Geographic study: Latin America

This is an invitation to enter Latin America and know it as a sacred land. We will learn about the historical process of colonization, the life and culture of the pre-Colombian civilizations, including the Aztecs, Mayans, Incas and Tupi-Guarani. We will learn of the waves of independence during 18th century, the rush of immigration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and of Latin American countries’ endeavors that have led to their new political, economic, social and cultural status. We will also learn of the main current challenges the region faces and the initiatives to overcome them. We will study the role of popular culture, how women have been active in arts, literature and politics and the role of the Church in Latin America.

Dean: Pat Blasi
506 South 5th St.
Rocky Ford, Colo. 81067
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Assistant Deans: Jim and Nancy Gulley
4840 Sunshine Place
Broomfield, Colo. 80023
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