The mission of The United Methodist Church is to “Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.”  Vital ministries and strong local churches help carry out the mission statement. Congregational Development focuses to provide support and resources for existing churches in the Rocky Mountain Conference assisting them to become or remain vital and strong.

In addition to supporting already established churches, the Rocky Mountain Conference is committed to creating and cultivating new church developments throughout the conference.  Our hope is to share the love and grace of our denomination with new communities.  In that process, we also seek to learn from these communities new ways in which to engage the world as a whole in love and grace.  For more information on New Church Developments, check out the Bishop's Initiative, "New Places for New People".

Church Vitality

Rev. Jeremy Scott, Vital Congregations Developer for the Mountain Sky Area of The United Methodist Church, will be sharing semi-regular reflections on church vitality at the Whole Church Initiative website. Here's a link to his most recent post:

It Takes Diet and Exercise to Change a Church

Past blog posts:

Money vs. Paper: 21st Century Giving

How to Kill "New" Things in Church. A Step-by-Step Guide

Keep Taking Attendance


Bishop Elaine Stanovsky invites you and your congregation to fulfill our call to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ by partnering with your sisters and brothers throughout Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana to New Places for New People. This campaign will enable our conference to grow, by sharing the vibrant, loving news of our faith to people throughout the Rocky Mountain Conference region. We are all enriched and blessed by these efforts: both the new communities and existing congregations.

Learn more about New Church Development.

Legacy Fund Grant Application

Purpose of the Legacy Fund Standing Committee:

“The intent of the Legacy Fund is to provide critical funding for projects and encourage ministries that will make a difference and enhance vital congregations through new professions of faith, increased worship attendance, enhanced small group development, or active outreach in mission to the local community and world. High impact, innovative, and creative ministries are encouraged. Measurable results are expected in a timely manner.” —from the Legacy Fund Standing Committee General Guidelines.

The Legacy Fund is administered by the RMC Trustees guided by recommendations from the Legacy Fund Standing Committee (LFSC) for the distribution of grants acquired from the disposition of discontinued or abandoned local church properties and assets as designated by the Trustees for the above stated purpose. The Legacy Fund Standing Committee receives grant applications from new and existing churches or, in some circumstances, other groups or committees within the Rocky Mountain Conference, and makes recommendations to the Trustees based on the Committee’s evaluation of the application’s merits.

The current application window is now closed. No grants will be approved until after the closing of the window. It is our intent to announce grant recipients in mid- to late-November.

Questions may be directed to Rev. Dr. C. Dennis Shaw, the LFSC convener (w/o vote), at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Click to download the Legacy Fund Grant Application.

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