The Rocky Mountain Conference is continually engaged in various forms of mission aimed at those usually considered on the margins of society. Whether in our local communities or across the globe, the Rocky Mountain Conference seeks to provide opportunities for mission-minded service. For more information on how you can get involved with the missions of our conference, check out the following links.

2014 Rocky Mountain Conference VIM Service

A summary report of the mission trips by the Rocky Mountain Conference:

  • 50 teams: 26 construction, 4 UMCOR Depot, 4 urban/rural ministries, 4 medical, 5 Colorado Flood
  • 20 international: 3 in Haiti, 11 in Guatemala, Belize, Kenya, Costa Rica, Sierra Leone, Romania, Mexico
  • 30 USA: Texas, 3 in Alaska, New Jersey, 5 in Utah, 8 in Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma, 3 in South Dakota, 2 in Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, 2 in California, Washington, Louisiana
  • 677 volunteers
  • 3,601 volunteer days
  • Cash donated to projects: $237,514
  • In-kind donations: $30,665
  • Team travel expenses: $427,921

"It is exciting to see the commitment to helping others in need." -Roger Williams, RMC UMVIM

For more information about the Rocky Mountain Conference Volunteers-in-Mission, contact Ashley Hawkins, VIM coordinator, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

    Rev. Youngsook Kang, Director of Mission and Ministry, sends out a monthly M&M (Mission & Ministry) newsletter. Click the links below for archives of past newsletters.

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