Vital CongregationsThe Rocky Mountain conference is once again serving as a pioneer, both for the Vital Congregations and the United Methodist Church (Vital Signs Group) Vital Signs UMC project. Both the staff at the General Council on Finance and Administration and our conference office are learning how to best explain participation in these projects. If you have not yet read email instructions about how to enter local church vital congregation goals on the
web site, or how to participate in the “United Methodist Church-(Vital Signs Group) Vital Signs UMC, you can do so by using these links:

Vital Congregations

Vital Signs

As Scott Brewer of the GCFA reminded me, the data is not about measuring good or bad, the underlying goal is to increase vitality in the local churches. If nothing else, conversation has increased about what a vital church looks like, how churches remain vital and how to increase vitality if needed.

Why Worship Attendance Matters and Clues for Improving It

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